America Soccer Club is an elite professional training academy for athletes that dedicates its work to the development of players in a comprehensive and complete way in all aspects that the sport demands in order to prepare them for university scholarships or to make soccer their career .

Our program focuses on teaching our players the technical and tactical skills, along with a specific fitness development, combined with the values and respect required during each training session to play soccer, as well as the development of the athlete, offering them the tools to reach higher competitive levels. From four to twenty four years old, players will have the opportunity to participate in the academy, our development program and our team, carefully crafted by ASC professionals to achieve individual goals.

According to the maturity and development occurring due to age, each phase of growth and age band needs a different attention from the work done for each objective, Technical, Tactical or Physical.


The predetermined training sessions will be taught with technical or tactical learning objectives. The training sessions will offer the guidelines of the official games and will contain specific elements for each phase of the game. The coach will gradually increase the complexity of each session to increase the tactical / technical and physical requirements of each activity.

The training sessions seek, in addition to develop specialist athletes in a position in the field, but with the ability to interpret and know the characteristics of other positions, their tatitas demands in a match. A strong, fast athlete, with coordination and capable of physically supporting a game in a high level of physical demand and possessing all the well-developed technical foundations.

ASC Academy is concerned with developing much more than physical, technical and tactical aspects trained in the field, has the concern with ethical values, respect and will always in learning, developing and achieving success.

ASC – Elite Player Development has a planning of specific activities for each age, level of conditioning and growth phase, guaranteeing the highest level associated with the high standard in structure, necessary equipment.

It is the responsibility of the athlete / student to achieve the objectives of the activity in the manner proposed by their teacher.


The athlete will learn through the activities planned and organized to:
– Make decisions with intelligence with the ability to reason more quickly and efficiently.
– Think well in the field to solve the proposed problems.
– Manage situations with high ethical value
– Develop skills in a position in the field, but with the ability to interpret and know the characteristics of other positions and their demands tatitas in a match.
– Develop as a strong athlete, fast, with coordination and able to physically support a game in high level of physical demand.
– Learn all the technical, tactical and physical well-developed fundamentals.
– ASC is concerned with developing much more than physical, technical and tactical aspects trained in the field, has the concern with ethical values, respect and will always in learning, developing and achieving success.


The main objective of ASC is to help each student become a high quality soccer player, including learning to adapt to different situations and game requirements. It is our intention that our athletes can make the best decisions in the field to solve the problems of the game quickly and efficiently. They will be prepared to play football properly, no matter where their lives take them.

Soccer is a sport where athletes go through tactical, technical, physical and psychological aspects while they play. The vast majority of activities that will be applied in training sessions prioritizing decision-making skills with the physical demands of football.

In this form of training, we believe that specifically designed games will bring highly specific physical and psychological benefits to the game, helping each athlete to become a better player.


The ASC methodology was developed by an expert team of soccer professionals with different areas of experience, becoming a complementary team of coaches. The training sessions are carefully planned by the head coach, based on the contents that are intended to work within the planning of a year. This is to ensure that all athletes, regardless of the program in which they are enrolled, have access to the content necessary to learn and grow.

This methodology is based on the long process of development of its players and is based on some fundamental points:
The development of training, whether technical, tactical or physical conditioning, will always be combined and present during the exercises and training. In all the training sessions there would always be a main objective, but the union of these compones will always be present.

All training sessions should be specific to the needs and demands of the sport as well as how to play ASC. The Specificity in Technical / Sports and Performance / Physical will always be divided

TECHNICAL / SPORTS SPECIFICITY: Training assessing the technical aspects and basic fundamentals of football, always demanding real situations that occur during a game.

PERFORMANCE / PHYSICAL SPECIFICITY: Training assessing the required physical valences and specific football, taking care of each stage of maturation and growth of each athlete, respecting individuality.

The practice of football requires many physical valences such as strength, speed, agility among others, these valences must have an organized development, respecting the age groups to reach an excellent level of physical performance and safely, preventing injuries.


During the trainings, activities are carried out that are adapted to the development of physical fitness adjusted to the specific demands of football. These activities will optimize the physical condition of the player, leaving the body more prepared to perform the necessary actions to play soccer.



The psychological aspect of training is fundamental, so that the athlete can yield expectations in situations that require decision. The activities at ASC foster healthy competitiveness and encourage athletes to make the right decisions under pressure.

The ASC project, in short, is to train our students to become professional athletes capable of developing successfully at any level of football.

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