American Football and Baseball are the sports that, by excellence, stand out in the United States. However, in recent years Soccer has had an important growth that has been maintained over time.

The entrance of young talents to the professional market requires an intense and complete preparation that allows them to develop as players and reach high levels of sports and professional development.
Based on this, America Soccer Club has designed a Professional Development program aimed at players who are looking for a broad education and want to make their profession of soccer. It consists of players 16 and older who seek to develop their sports skills.

Technical commission, made up of professionals from Brazil, with experience as players in America, Europe The program is designed by a high level and Asia. They have also participated in the training of players who are currently hired in teams of great importance such as Real Madrid, PSG and many more.

The Professional Department of ASC is focused on the incorporation of our team in leagues of great importance in order to provide our players with experience, as well as exposure to national teams. In this same way, the participation of our coaches with the great teams will allow the possibility of international recruitment of our Professional Development Program players.

Our objective in this program is to provide a complete training that allows you to achieve high levels of professional development and thus open opportunities for recruitment with universities and national and international teams, based on the seriousness, dedication andwillingness of each of the participants who are willing to make soccer their career.

The professional development program consists of 2 categories:
– Category A: This category offers an intensive plan of 5 days a week, with complete training for physical, technical and tactical development in the field, physical, physiological, nutritional and psychological evaluation.
– Category B: This category offers a 3-day plan per week, with complete training for physical, technical and tactical development in the field, physical, physiological, nutritional and psychological evaluation.

We also offer housing and transportation assistance.

For more details or questions, contact us at admin@americasoccerclub.net

The training sessions seek, in addition to develop specialist athletes in a position in the field, but with the ability to interpret and know the characteristics of other positions, their tatitas demands in a match. A strong, fast athlete, with coordination and capable of physically supporting a game in a high level of physical demand and possessing all the well-developed technical foundations.

ASC Academy is concerned with developing much more than physical, technical and tactical aspects trained in the field, has the concern with ethical values, respect and will always in learning, developing and achieving success.

ASC – Elite Player Development has a planning of specific activities for each age, level of conditioning and growth phase, guaranteeing the highest level associated with the high standard in structure, necessary equipment.

It is the responsibility of the athlete / student to achieve the objectives of the activity in the manner proposed by their teacher.

Our pro-competitive program is focused on the optimal development of the participants with the aim of training athletes who can develop at a professional level.

We have international coaches of the highest quality and experience, characterized by the professionalism, leadership and quality that are required in a sport as demanding as soccer, and that are responsible for carrying out the programs designed to maximize the potential, the character and the sportsmanship of the player.
We offer professional training for boys and girls between ages U8 to U23.

The main objective of the beginners program is to initiate children who are interested in this sport. The program focuses on training and the development of technical and tactical skills that will promote their potential and maximize future opportunities in soccer.
Our program seeks the training of athletes through values and positive training to build trust in them, love of sports, self-esteem, discipline and concentration, skills that will allow them to achieve success in any area of their lives.
Throughout the structured training process, coaches will work on developing technical and tactical skills, coordination, physical conditioning and psychological training.
Our programs are designed to incorporate all skill levels of the game.
Our teams are made up of children from 4 years old.

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